Self-Build Van Conversion

We believe that the best campervans are the self-built ones. Van conversion is an art almost anyone can learn and our vision is to make it accessible to as many people as possible.


Broadcasting biweekly, the Vansformation podcast focuses exclusively on converting vans or other vehicles into a space you love. Feta B presents interviews with experts, other van self-builders and lessons from an ongoing journey in DIY campervan creation.


Weekly blog on sculpting a van into your own rolling castle, including design, building and problem solving. Vansformation essays include lessons from personal experience, interviews, philosophy, psychology, art and anything else we can find that may benefit self-builders.

Van Conversion Roadmap

We are busy behind the scenes creating a downloadable roadmap just for new van converters with all the resources you need to convert a van into a comfortable, affordable campervan ready for adventure.

Latest Essays

Mostly practical, always all about the van conversion

Pulling Bunnies out of Hats

Why creativity and compromise in the name of a deadline are keys to a finished campervan self-build. This is what much of building a successful van conversion is about. Not being an engineer, or having Read more…