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How Anthony Bourdain taught us to create better van conversions and live better using them

Last week I had the privilege of recording two excellent interviews: one all about insulating a van conversion with mechanical services engineer Greg Virgoe, and another fantastically affable conversation with catering van (i.e. food truck) builder Andrew Coe.   They are both knowledgeable people who doing well-considered builds and gave extremely practical information.  Those episodes are coming soon, and are not to be missed. 

But, on the same day as those recordings, one of my personal heroes, Anthony Bourdain, came to the end of his last journey.  Anthony Bourdain was a trained chef (or ‘cook’ as he preferred to say), an author and presenter who showed what makes food and travel good.

Tony was an top level flaneur, willing to wander and risk a long trip back for the rewards of discovery.   He showed us the world, and still dictates how I wash-up nonstick cookware. There is wisdom in his writing, travel programmes and general hijinks for those of us creating self-built vans, for both the building journey and the journey after.

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television programmes, Parts Unknown
Photo by Myles Tan on Unsplash

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