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Mechanical Services Engineer Greg Virgoe and the Facts About Van Conversion Insulation

Greg Virgoe is a engineer and design builder with over 30 years of construction experience, and a speciality in heating and cooling systems.  He’s also just finishing a campervan conversion to travel Europe for a year with his partner, Lou.

The couple are setting off this August, be sure to follow their YouTube channel for real-life accounts of extended travel in the campervan.

This episode is a in-depth exploration of the technical and practical side of insulation, and the reasons behind what really works.

Listen in for:

  • What is the K value, R value and what do they mean to a van conversion self builder?
  • All about vapour barriers
  • What is the truth about foil lined bubble wrap, is it any good, and why?
  • How can I choose the right materials for insulating my van conversion?
  • What I learned the hard way about using expanding foam in a van conversion

Relevant Links

Greg’s Youtube channel
Greg’s Youtube video “The Facts About Campervan Insulation”
Vansformation planning guide blog essay Part I and Part II so you put the holes in the right place before the insulation.
Like SketchUp?  It’s big at Vansformation too, and Greg has made some cool plans in the 3-D Warehouse. 

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2 layers of foil backed closed cell foam on the walls (NOT foil bubble wrap) and expanding foam in ribs on Martha van


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