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Merry Crimblewinter, the 2nd series of Vansformation starts today! 

All rested up after the break, the show’s theme for the next year is more: more solo episodes, more interviews, more of the time.  Campervan builders self-builders, van converters and anyone who dreams of a land ship of your own making, welcome in.

Almost a year after this podcast launched the podcast kicks off with one of two episodes on one of the dark arts of van conversion:  wood burning stoves.   Also known as woodstoves or multifuel heaters, they are beloved by some van self-builders and considered a sign of very poor judgement by others.   But, what are the real considerations behind whether they are a good idea for your vehicle conversion or not? campervan motorhome van conversion wood stove woodburner woodburning stove

 5 very good reasons not to put a woodburning stove in your van.

Time stamps (one of the many cool things starting in Series 2):

  • Intro, including stating the obvious by way of a disclaimer – 1:36
    Reason 1: Cost – 4:05
  • Reason 2: Monitoring and safety – 5:39
  • Reason 3: Fire fiddly-ness – 7:04
  • Reason 4: Weight 9:16
  • Reason 5: Campsite problems: 10:34

Stay tuned for the next episode for the opposite view – 5 good reasons it is to put a woodburning stove in a vehicle, plus installation tips and the science behind them.   And, we all know science makes a holiday tipple and a figgy pud even better.

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