Episode 2: Interview with Lindsay and David from Quirky Campers

Join us for an interview with the owners of Quirky Campers, where self-builders can hire out their own van conversions. Lindsay and David provide excellent advice for anyone doing a van conversion, especially those considering renting it out in future.  They also share their journey from being a young couple with a newly converted van to business owners who run a platform for campervan self-builders to hire out their vans to others.

Key Highlights:

  1. Techniques used in Quirky Campers’ original van, Bella
  2. What they want people just starting out with a van conversion to know
  3. What you must consider if you are thinking of hiring out your self-build van conversion

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Highlighted Links:
Quirky Campers Website
Quirky Campers’ Facebook group for van converters looking to hire
David’s blog about gas (LPG) and weight
April 2018 Camp Quirky

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