Welcome to Vansformation Episode 20!

Following up from VF 19, which explored 5 reasons NOT to put a woodburning stove into your vehicle conversion, this episode brings 5 reasons you should consider it.

This episode features:

  • Safe installation and use of a solid fuel heater in a van conversion
  • What woodburner size is right to keep you toasty warm in a campervan
  • Considerations for the design of your space around the woodburner
  • Why I unabashedly love it and personally feel it can be a safe choice if approached with some precautions

So what are the 5 reasons?
1. Economical campervan heating
2. Fully renewable fuel sources, in some cases reducing landfill
3. Hedonistic, unashamed fun
4. Cooking alternative if LPG runs out
5. Support of innovative, local businesses

Relevant Links

Boat Safety Scheme (owned by the Canal River Trust) guide to Keeping Safe With Solid Fuel Stoves
Solid Fuel Technology Institute informative PDF, Stoves in Boats
Stovefitter’s Warehouse extensive DIY woodburning stove installation guidance, based on installations on land.

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