Episode 4: Interview With a Vanlife Filmmaker on Adapting a Westfalia for Full-Time Use

This is an unmissable podcast episode for anyone considering converting a van for a long-term journey or indefinite home base.  Armando Costantino, the filmmaker of ‘Vanlife: Portrait of an Alternative Lifestyle’ tells us how he discovered and adapted the van which has become his home for the last several years.  

He shares his mobile tiny home with his partner, Mel (who is also the narrator on the film).   It was a pleasure discussing his first hand experience of taking a pre-built campervan and modifying it significantly to meet his life and film making work demands.  This includes a creative, very space conscious shower design not quite like one I’ve heard of anywhere else. He also shares the 2 things you should do before starting a van conversion for full time living.

Armando has made his film available in it’s entirety completely free on Youtube.

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Highlighted links
Westfalia Digital Nomads – Armando and Mel’s website
Essay on the story behind the film Vanlifers: Portrait of an Alternative Lifestyle
Vanlifers: Portrait of an Alternative Lifestyle on Youtube

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