Episode 7: Interview with the builder of the UK’s first American school bus to motorhome conversion

Episode 7 of the Vansformation podcast features an interview with Tim Brassey.  Tim was featured on George Clark’s Amazing Spaces for his American School Bus to motorhome conversion.  Van conversions are a long standing British tradition, but Tim’s bus is the first ‘Skoolie’ officially registered as a converted motorhome in the UK.

We talk about about design, overcoming build challenges, and a bit of improv when Tim had to figure out how to remove the steering wheel sharpish at the initial bus inspection.  He also dishes a little about what it feels like to be involved as the subject of a design-build television programme.

Tim’s determination to find a solution to every obstacle has resulted a groovy rolling festival-ready retreat.  Listen in and enjoy the show.

Highlighted Links

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